Guide: The Yoga Blanket

In your quest of learning how to use yoga props, yoga blankets seem like one of the easier props to learn. Despite their simplicity, yoga blankets deserve their own spot in this yoga prop guide due to their versatility. Blankets are a gentle source of warmth and support at times when a block or bolster seems to be too much. They are used for any postures relating to meditation and rest or refinement in poses, for support and alignment. Some yogis like placing it under their knees or back or wrapping themselves during Savasana for added comfort. Blankets can also bring the floor to you, purposely to soften up hard areas and weigh down parts of the body. Yoga blankets are loved for their versatility. Unlike other props, a blanket can be folded into a variety of shapes to suit different postures. Whether you need the blanket to be rolled, folded, or laid out flat, you can adjust the shape of it to suit your specific needs.

We offer two varieties of yoga blanket - a wool and cotton one. Both made with high quality recycled blends for durability and comfort.  

What is the difference between the wool and cotton blankets?

The Recycled Wool Yoga Blanket is moldable and foldable to support your body in restorative and dynamic yoga poses. You can wrap yourself in ultimate warmth, comfort and versatility. Our recycled wool blanket is made of 75% recycled wool and 25% recycled synthetic fibers. 

The Peruvian Recycled Cotton Yoga Blanket provides both versatility and coverage and is slightly larger than the wool blanket. You can fold, roll and stack it in any way that supports your pose - the luxe, rustic fabric moves the way you want it to. Our cotton blanket is made of the highest quality cotton blend blanket with an overlocked edge to prevent fraying.

Benefits to using a yoga blanket

- Help to stay longer and get maximum benefit from recovery poses.

- Prevent bad posture with subtle adjustment.

- Relieves stress, tension and joint pain.