◆ Cleaning method:
1.) It is recommended to perform a washing program before first wearing to improve wearing comfort.
Wash all clothing before wearing them for the first time.
2.) Dark and light clothing should be washed separately with cold water, soaking time should not be too long.
Wash dark colored clothing separately from lighter colored clothing. Also do not soak for too long.
3.) It is better to wash clothes at low temperature. At the same time, avoid direct contact with the detergent on the surface of the fabric to avoid discoloration.
Always wash in cold water using a mild detergent when possible.
4.) If machine washing is required, please turn your clothes over and put them in a "washing bag" for cleaning, so as to reduce the rupture and hair ball caused by pulling during the washing process.
Wash garments separately from cotton or other abrasive fabrics, or place them in a laundry bag. This will keep it from pilling effect. 
5.) Please wash with a neutral lotion. It is recommended not to use "cold detergent", "softening agent", "brightener" and other detergents that reduce the moisture absorption and perspiration of fabric fibers.
Do not use bleach, fabric softer, optical brightener or any strong detergents as they can decrease the overall quality of the fabric.
6.) Please dry outdoors in a cool, ventilated and cool place. If you need to dry, please do it at low temperature and low speed. If treated at high temperatures, the fabric components will be damaged or shrunk.
Always air dry when possible. If using a dryer, only use it on the delicate / lowest setting or it can cause minor shrinkage.

※ Chest pad cleaning method: It is recommended to wash by hand and use a neutral detergent, as described above.
    Hand wash bra paddings in cold water and use mild detergents.
◆ Maintenance method: Maintenance
1.) When wearing this product, please avoid contact with rough materials and fabrics as much as possible to reduce the chance of hair balls and extend the service life.
Please avoid friction from rubbing against other fabrics or materials as it can cause pilling.
2.) After exercise, please store dark and light clothing separately as much as possible to avoid the possibility of some fabrics fading and transferring due to the pH of sweat.
After workout, place wash dark colored clothing separately from lighter colored clothing. As the pH of human sweat could cause color fading or migration.
3.) If you need to exercise in a high temperature environment, please choose the upper body and lower body of the same color system as much as possible to reduce the possibility of high-temperature effects causing the mutual transfer of light and dark fabrics.
If working out in high heat, please wear same colored tops and pants as hot temperature possibly cause color fading or migration. 
■ Yoga Mat FAQs    CleaningMaintenanceReminder
First use of yoga mat: It is normal to unpack the yoga mat for the first time. Some new products smell normal. It is recommended to wipe the yoga mat several times with a damp cloth (recommended to adjust the ratio of alcohol: water = 1: 3), and air-dry in a cool place for 3-7 days to reduce the smell of new products. Each yoga mat comes with instructions for use. We recommend that you read the instructions and precautions on the packaging before unpacking.
Mat initial care instructions: Upon first opening up your yoga mat's packaging, you may notice a slight odor, which is normal. Use a damp cloth with alcohol (1 part alcohol 3 parts water) to clean the mat, then place in a dry area with good ventilation for 3-7 days. This will help reduce the smell. Each individual mat has its own instructions, so please refer to these instructions for further details.

◆ Yoga mat cleaning method?
   How to clean your mat? It is  

recommended that after each use of the yoga mat, wipe it with a damp cloth, then wipe it with a dry cloth, and put it in a ventilated place to allow it to air dry.

We recommend that you ALWAYS wipe your yoga mat with a damp cloth and then a dry cloth immediately after each use.

◆ Yoga mat storage and maintenance
    How to extend the lifetime of your mat?
1.) After each use, please clean and air dry properly, roll it up and put it in a breathable back bag for storage. This will not only prolong the service life, but also be more healthy and hygienic, and avoid conditions such as sweat retention and moisture deterioration.

Please clean and air dry your mat every time after use and then roll it back up. This will not only ensure extended lifestyle, but will also make your practice more hygenic!
2.) Because the materials of different mats are different, please remind you to avoid sunlight as much as possible during use and storage, and do not place it in high temperature and any place where strong light may be directly exposed to prevent the yoga mat from aging and embrittlement. Or the possibility of mutation.

Avoid direct sunlight, sun exposure and high temperatures every time when use and store your mat.
◆ Special Maintenance:
   Special Care
Eco-friendly yoga mats natural rubber mats : environmentally friendly materials with a naturally decomposable environmental protection concept. It is a natural phenomenon that the lower surface or the edge of the mat will wear out / embrittle after long-term use. The degree and speed of wear and tear vary depending on individual exercise intensity, usage habits, and storage methods.
Eco-care Mat & Natural Rubber Mat: The mat could decompose naturally after a certain period of time. The lifetime depends on your practice style, frequency and how to maintain it.
Environmental Yoga Mat  & PU Leather Mat : The surface material is soft and fragile. Please avoid wearing high hardness, sharp objects, long nails or long-term storage when using, otherwise it will be easy to be scratched or damaged and reduce the service life.
Eco-care Mat & PU Yoga Mat: To prevent mat surface from damage, please avoid wearing any hard or sharp accessories during practice.

■ Pillow Cleaning & Maintenance
Yoga Bloster Care 

Cushion covers can be removed for cleaning. It is recommended to wash by hand. Use cold water and neutral detergents, and should not be soaked for too long. For machine washing, place the laundry bag before starting the washing cycle. Do not dry at high temperature. It is recommended to hang it flat and air dry naturally. Due to the material, in general, the fabric of the pillow may have a shrinkage of 1% to 3% after washing, which is a natural phenomenon.
Bloster cover is removable for cleaning. Hand wash with cold water and mid detergent. Please do not soak for too long. Please use laundry bag when placing cover in the washing machine. Always air dry it instead of hot heat. It is normal if the cover shrink from 1-3% after wash due to the materials.

■ Cleaning & Maintenance shop towels
Yoga Towel Care 
Yoga towels can be washed directly, and just use regular detergent. If you want to use a washing machine for cleaning, it is recommended that you put the yoga towel into a laundry bag and then wash it. This can protect the fabric fibers of the yoga towel and prolong the life of the yoga towel.
Yoga towels should be washed with like colors and mild detergent. We suggest using a delicate bag when wash towel with washing machine to separate it with other articels.

■ Blanket      CleaningMaintenance

1.) Please clean in cold water and rub it by hand. If washing machine is required, be sure to place the laundry bag and adjust it to the gentle water mode.
Please hand wash in cold water with a mid detergent. Place blanket in the laundry bag with delicate cycle if use mashing machine.
2.) After washing with a neutral detergent, do not leave it in the washing machine and dry it. It is recommended to take out the blanket, squeeze the water with your hands and let it air dry naturally to prevent the blanket from being deformed by pulling.
Press the blanket by hand and make sure to remove excess water or as much moisture as you before air drying. Avoiding wringing the blanket.
3.) Avoid using high-temperature drying or dry cleaning, as this may cause the blanket to shrink or the material to harden.
Never place the blanket in the heated dryer because it will shrink.
1.) It is recommended to remove dust by tapping and shaking in daily use.
Shake your blanket to take the dust out or use lint roller.
2.) If the stain area is small, it is recommended to clean it locally and use an absorbent cloth to remove excess moisture and dry.
Treat a specific stain spot with mid detergent, very gently rub the stain, and then rinse until all the soap residue has washed away. Finally use a linen cloth to remove excess water and let it air dry.
3.) Try to avoid rubbing with sharp or rough objects, please store it in a moisture-proof bag in a flat and folded manner.
Avoid rubbing against sharp or rough materials. Fold your blanket and lay it out flat for storage.