Vaken Fitness Gloves - Black/Grey

1,180 ฿
VAKEN Fitness Gloves

These are the stylish, lightweight, comfortable gloves you need to take your trianing the max. 
Get the exceptional results the easy way with ultimate protection and support


  • Built to the highest specification including cushioned palm and very fast hook & loop wrist strap. Lets you adjust for any activity. preference, or
custom fit.

  • Made with highly durable and always lightweight microfiber, 100% poluester with 100% polyurethane PU suede and 100% neoprene wristband. Resists perpiration while being sturdy and supportive.

Assortment and Size Fit (Measure the circumference)

  • Size  S 7.0 inch - 7.5 inch
  • Size M 7.5 inch - 8.0 inch
  • Size L 8.0 inch - 8.5 inch
  • Size XL 8.5 inch - 9.0 inch

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