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Thomas Records CD Song-The water Sings - N/A

450 ฿

This album was originally released under the Ban Sabai Records label and on customers demand has been released on THomasso Records as well. It is part of the Rejuvenation series.

Ban Sabai Records’ (a Chiang Mai label) second release “The water sings” continues with its aim to create sound to rejuvenate and soothe soul, body and mind. The four movements present an eclectic variety of interesting and soothing sounds from South and South-East Asia. They also reflect the international character of the artists; musicians, engineers and producers alike. All have traveled to many countries in different continents and have taken the sounds, instruments and the different moods in which each culture expresses their values, beliefs and feelings with them as inspiration for this CD. The result is a fusion of folk and court instruments with instruments sometimes used exclusively in devotional music.

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