easyoga LA-VEDA Twiggy Core Tights3 - FD8 Tribe Brick Red

4,300 ฿
We made this for

Let's meet our classic tights! Give you a breathable touching and stylish as always.

  • Seamless side design
  • Fittes and flexible hemline
  • Ultralight double layered fabric
  • Wide waistband & Pocket inside
Waist : Mid- Rise
Length : Ankle- Length

Product Info

  • Color : Tribe Brick Red (FD8) ,  Africa Bouquet Black (FD2) - 40%Polyester+34%Nylon+26%Spandex
  • Color :Dark/Light Blue Stripe (D56) ,   Dark/Light Green Stripe (D57) - 77%NYLON+23%LYCRA

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