easyoga LA-VEDA Noble Cropped Tank1 - FC5 Mottled Pink

1,946 ฿ 2,780 ฿
We made this for

We need throw-on-and-go ideas like this! There's nothing better than move free and slim look by wearing this essential tank top with our twiggy core tights for a natrual shape.

  • Removable bra paddings
  • Cropped length
  • Breathable mesh panelled
  • Ethereal, slightly brushed and quick dry for comfy movement
Support : Medium Support

Product Info

  • Color : Mottled Pink (FC5) - 70%NYLON+30%SPANDEX/70%NYLON+30%SPANDEX
  • Color : Coral Blue (B31) - 75%NYLON+25%SPANDEX/70%NYLON+30%SPANDEX

  • Color : Mottled Pink (FC5) - 94%NYLON+6%SPANDEX/70%NYLON+30%SPANDEX
  • Color : Coral Blue (B31) - 94%NYLON+6%SPANDEX/70%NYLON+30%SPANDEX

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