This pose feels so vibrant and uplifting, any feelings of anxiety I have often melt away in Camatkarasana. Enter into this pose slowly as it’s a deep stretch and requires both strength & flexibility, as well as a lot of shoulder stability.

Benefits of the pose: Stretches the front of the body and hip flexors, strengthens back and shoulders, improves balance, opens your heart up and releases emotions, and energises the body.

  1. Start in downward facing dog pose and lift your left leg up in the air, opening up the left hip. Bend the leg and look under your right armpit to check that you can see your foot.

  2. Drop your left foot down to the floor, pivot on your right hand and right foot, and flip over.

  3. Once you have flipped over, press your right hand firmly down and lift your chest up towards the ceiling, creating a beautiful backbend, and stretch your left hand back.

  4. Hold for five deep breaths and then to come out of the pose, flip back over by bringing left hand down to the floor in front of you, and let the legs follow through so you end up back in downward facing dog pose.

  5. Repeat on the second side.